Health Mastery

Retreat with Rapport in breathtaking destinations with this new, extraordinary experience designed to educate and empower you to become the master of your own well-being from a holistic approach to body and mind.

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Mindfulness is an inside job.

Our mental, emotional and physical health are our greatest assets, yet so often ignored. Health Mastery Retreat is your destination to take a PAUSE, re-assess your priorities and practice what it's like to actually be in balance. In Health Mastery, you will gift yourself time to reboot and recognize the habits that that deplete your life-force, and those that energize your body, mind and dreams. 

Stop the doing and learn to BE. The break is the breakthrough.

Focus Factors

Learn to operate with calm and strength, even in the face of adversity • Embrace mindfulness and intentionality, the keys to peace of mind • Be inspired to create healthy habits and boost your immune system • Energize your senses by communing with nature and the outdoors • Feel refreshed by learning techniques that allow for deeper rest, sleep and effectiveness • Create a blueprint to daily replenish your body and mind.

  • Sustainable Habits

    Reconfigure your relationship with your own well-being, with food, with movement and rest. Because feeling good feels good.
  • Mindfulness Training

    Be guided through an abundance of mindfulness techniques. Develop your inner intentionality and practice accessing your calm within the storm.
  • Relaxation and Restoration

    Develop and practice simple rituals that quiet your mind and help you unplug to rest more fully. Imagine waking up feeling re-charged and ready to tackle your day. This is possible and you are capable.
  • Cooking Classes and Education

    Learn from professional chefs how to make healthy meals beautiful and desirable. Wholesome eating really can be fun and satisfying. Leave with recipes and tips to bring back to your kitchen and family.
  • Mindful Movement

    Feel what it's like to welcome your day with purpose and peace. Find your flow and fuel your life energy with skillfully guided movement for longevity, flexibility, strength and joy. Available to all levels.
  • Nourishment and Nutrition

    Discover the power of eating real food, straight from the earth. Gain ideas for nutritional, quick, and healthy meals that your body needs for optimum performance and energy.
  • Connect with Nature

    A little nature goes a long way. Simply gazing at the natural world increases the feel-good hormones that help us relax and feel joy. We will spend time in nature, taking in the vastness of our beautiful world.
  • Post-Retreat Personal Health Coaching

    Living a life of vitality is not about being perfect. You can receive impactful follow-up support serving to guide you in making the small changes that add up. With time and dedication, the impulse toward health becomes natural and desired.

For decades, Rapport’s processes have been a catalyst for behavioral change by producing intense experiences that create self awareness, provide feedback, uncover motivation, and utilize anchors to aid in recall.

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